God's Got Your Back  (2 Part CD Series)

God's Got Your Back (2 Part CD Series)

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Have you ever felt locked up in something and desperately wanted out? If so, then this life changing message is for you.
Every year yields new opportunities when you allow God to have first place in the driver seat called life. Clinton House gives a literal illustration of Jeremiah 20:11-13 where we see a beautiful picture of how ones life can change when you allow God to put His hands every one of your circumstances. When you allow yourself to yield in prayer and continually meditate on His word, you will see newness in every area of your life. You will begin understand how much God is with you, and that He truly is the back up that watches over the word that He has spoken over your life to perform it!

By staying focused on Gods promises, there will be a determination that builds inside of you, and a new zeal will develop for you to live on the greater purpose God has placed inside of you, no matter the obstacle. Your life will be forever changed as you trust God through every process in your life, and use the tools in this series to help you continue to move forward to pursue and recover ALL!

Message 1: The Lord Is With Me
Message 2: Gods Sovereignty